CastleLearning Online

An online review tool

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Signing In

  1. Go to
  2. ID Email = cpp. your last name first initial
  3. Enter your password (see below)

***At the start of the year, all passwords are reset. So the first time you sign in, skip the password and click "Sign In." If this doesn't work, try entering your Student ID # as your password (I can look this up for you if you don't know it).

Then fill out the form with the required information including a new password (I would prefer you use your school network password)***

***If, at any point this year, you forget your password, let me know and I can reset it for you***

Assignments from Miss McMinn

Test Review

  • Before each Unit Test, I will post a review assignment on CastleLearning. This is a quick, easy way to review before the test.

Exam Practice

  • As we get closer to the AP Exam, I will post several AP Review assignments
  • As we get closer to the Regents Exam, I will post several practice exams for review

Assignments You Create Yourself

At any time, you may also create your own review assignments:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign In
  3. Under "Courses," select U.S. History and Government (for Regents practice) OR AP U.S. History (for AP practice) from the "Social Studies" menu and click "Go"
  4. Click the "Review" link
  5. Click "Sessions That You Create Yourself"
  6. Click "Create a New Short Answer Session"
  7. Pick the topics, additional criteria, and number of questions you want
  8. Click "Start Session"