Gradual Release of Responsibility

providing support to empower students

What does this mean?

The main goal of the of the gradual release of responsibility model is to build a structure for instruction where teachers support students through purposeful and intentional instruction that leads to the gradual release or transfer responsibility of learning from the teacher to the students.

What does it look like?

The End Goal = Independent Learning

This is the opportunity for students to put into practice what they have been taught and demonstrate their learning. This should take place with the support of the teacher present, and should not be assigned as homework. This is also another great opportunity for the use of technology. There are endless web 2.0 tools that provide a format for students to demonstate their mastery of a topic or skill.

Gradual Release Model in Action

Straub Middle School Gradual Release of Responsibility

"Unfortunately, in too many classrooms, releasing responsibility is too sudden and unplanned and results in misunderstandings and failure." ~ Fisher & Frey