Redefining Beauty

by: Nitya and Sruthi

Our Present Society.

Women are constantly pressured into fitting a certain look that is portrayed by the society. This norm is usually being a skinny, tall, gorgeous, and flawless. This idea of perfection sends many women to madness as it takes over all their thoughts and actions. This is a picture of an actual model. She sure sets the bar high for the perfect skinny body. Is she not flawless?

Our Solution?

Make everyone fat. No healthy food. No diets. No working out of exercising. Just eating until you cannot possibly eat anymore. No more make up. Its simple. PIctured below are usually flawless actresses, but once fattened, they are brought down to our level. Don't you think they look better this way?

Benefits to this Plan:

  • Everyone will be equal in their physical looks as no one will be flawless looking so there will be no comparisons.

  • No woman has to worry about dieting or wearing makeup in order to satisfy society's norm.
  • Women will learn to love and accept themselves as they are.

Enjoy the food. Love the fat.

Unleash the true you.