U.S. and Canada relations

U.S and Canada Economic Connections

The United States and Canada are very close in the economic section. The US and Canada trade about 1.5 million dollars in goods every minute. Canada is the largest supplier to the united states and has the most amount of oil reserves besides Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. This is very important to the United States economy because we use what we get from Canada to power our country and many other things. People have to move and use all of this stuff, which creates over 8 million jobs. Canada benefits from our investment in their electricity companies and nonrenewable resource collection.
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U.S. and Canada Social Connections

The United States and Canada share the largest border in the world including Alaska. Because of their huge border and friendship, people migrate from the US to Canada all the time. During the American Revolution, some Loyalists moved to Canada. During western expansion, Canadians moved to the US to get cheap land an to start farming. All this immigration means that US culture and Canadian culture are very mixed, and many Canadians and Americans share heritage.

U.S and Canada Political Connections

One of the only time the U.S. and Canada were unfriendly was during the war of 1812. The United States decided that it was a good idea to try and take over Canada and make it part of the US. We resolved this argument and are on good terms today.The US and Canada have been allies in every major war, supplying each other with troops, material, and money. This is important because it show the great relationship we have with Canada and the we can have them help us whenever we need it.