Unit 1A

show case about credit valley hospital

lable maker

Gerry has put me in charge of making labels when they are needed. we will normally use them on the locater that the nurse wear. so that if one is lost we know who owns it. we also use them on the board for room numbers.

Patient borad

here Is the board we use to keep track of what patient is in what room. we keep this board in the back room of the nurses station.the only people that use this board are the doctors and sometime nurses. the board is used mostly for bullet rounds.

Patient charts

These are the chart I take apart and put together. in this chart it has all the information about this patient. like why there here and what test have been done and need to be done. list of meds to be given during the day.

Linen cart

This cart is what I fill every morning. we have 3 in our unit. on this cart you will find bed supplies like sheets and pillow cases, blankets fitted sheets ,along with lifters(helps to move patients). also with dippers and wipes. we have 3 size of diapers. they are medium, large and extra large.


this is part of one event I got sent to go see. they have many at the hospital. most are for learning about something more. this was for firefighter awareness week. they explain what they do and how they help out the community. they don't also have a fire to fight so they help the community with little jobs.

Isolation cabinet

I fill this with isolation gowns. that are used to go in to a room that has a patient that is contages. it also has gloves and masks that are used as well. this is all consider PPE.

Med room charts

These are the new med room charts. I was making labels to go on the side and front of them. each had the room number on it that the binder belonged to.