First Grade News

3/14 - 3/18

Upcoming Events

3/23 - Drama Kids 2:40 - 4:00

3/23 - Spirit Night at CiCi's at Coit and Park

3/25 - NO SCHOOL

Spelling List - Test on THURSDAY

  1. cart
  2. barn
  3. arm
  4. art
  5. yarn
  6. harm
  7. her
  8. dirt
  9. would*
  10. have*
*High Frequency Words

Optional Challenge Words

  1. smart
  2. chart
  3. career
  4. improve
  5. curious


We will be making pet rocks in science. Please bring in a rock (or 2) by this Thursday 3/24. It would be helpful if the rock was big enough and smooth enough to draw and paste things on.

School Supplies Needed

We are in need of a few supplies. Each classroom could use glue sticks (these run out very quickly), Wet Wipes and sandwich size ziplock baggies.

Thank you so much for your help!

Learning Targets

Language Arts/Social Studies
  • I can compare informational and fiction text.
  • I can blend r-controlled vowels spelled ar.
  • I can use vocabulary cards to make inferences.
  • I can identify present-tense verbs.
  • I can retell a story.
  • I can make connections by reading across texts and compare different genres.
  • I can describe how technology has changed communication.
  • I can compare and contrast transportation from the past and present.


  • I can use money to show what I know.
  • I can understand the hour and minute hand on a clock.
  • I can write time to the hour as o'clock and :00.
  • I can sort and classify living and nonliving things.
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