Witch Child

By Celia Rees

About the Author

Celia Rees is an English author of more than twenty books, including the book Witch Child which was first published in the year 2000. Her novels are mainly historical although she has written books from vampires to Shakespearean times. Witch Child has been published in 28 different languages. She did receive an award for her book WIth Child.

Lines from Book

"What will be, will be, but to know too soon will color someone's life, darkening the hue for them, stealing the light" (1)

"...put their trust wholly in God's guidance and themselves under His direction" (2)

"Lies are not rooted in the mind in the way truth is." (3)


Main Conflict

The main conflict in the book is that Mary and a group of girls were seen dancing in the storm which was a practice of witchcraft, A boy then pointed at Mary and told everyone that she was a witch. Mary then got Martha to help her run away from Salem so she would not suffer the consequences of being accused of a witch. She was never found.


Historical Events

Book Review

After reading the book, Witch Child, I would say that it is a good book that i would encourage anyone that is interested in witchery and the history of it to read. It was interesting and it kept me wanting to read more. I almost could not put it down. The imagery is displayed so well it feels as if the you are on the journey with Mary and her new befriended friends. I enjoyed the suspense and the characters that are in the book.