Blanche Dodd Bobcat News

December 2018

Blanche Dodd Intermediate Mission Statement

It is our mission to educate each child through the use of quality instruction and positive relationships. We will strive to motivate each student to discover their unlimited potential and have a positive impact on their community.

Message from our Principal

It's hard to believe that we have reached the end of our first semester! We've had a wonderful time learning with our friends and competing against each other in our houses. As we near our holiday vacation, our minds turn towards time we will spend with friends and family members. I hope you have the opportunity to reconnect with one another and spend time doing the things you love.

The time away from school is the perfect time to continue reading. If your family is headed on a road trip, read while you're traveling. If your family is choosing to stay closer to home, curl up with a good book. Students who read just 20 minutes five times per week have a definite educational advantage over students who choose not to read. So, ask Santa for your favorite titles, and spend some quality time absorbed in some good books!

Wishing you and yours joy and happiness during this holiday season!

Mrs. Tricia Bolz


Blanche Dodd Intermediate

1st Semester Awards Assembly December 20th in the Dodd Gym

8:15-9:15 Campbell, A. Coon, Lawson

9:20-10:20 Mo, Vardell, Nichols

10:25-11:25 K. Coon, Elkington, Watson

11:55-12:55 Duke, Fielder, Hendrix, Middleton

12:55-1:55 Freer, Mayfield, Brown

Dec 12 KISD School Board meeting 6:30 @ KISD Administration Building

Dec 13 End of 9 Week Assessments Math & Social Studies

Dec 14 End of 9 Week Assessments Spanish Reading (Dual Language Classes)

Dec 20 1st Semester Awards

Dec 20 Class Parties 2:30-3:15

Dec 21 Grinch Day - Wear your best Grinch costume/clothes or other Dr. Seuss Character

Dec 21 Early dismissal 11:55

Dec 24-Jan 7 Christmas/Winter Break

Jan 8 Classes resume

Jan 21 MLK Day - School holiday

November ES3 Recipient

Mr. Franco Carbajal, music teacher

Mr. Carbajal is a great teacher. He has created a love of music in our students and has doubled the size of the Dodd choir in just a year. He is a team player and always seeks to support students.

November ES3 Recipient

Ms. Staci Jones, librarian

Mrs. Jones has taken over the Dodd Library and is doing an AMAZING job! Not only is the library a very inviting and warm place to be, but Mrs. Jones is continuously working to create interactive activities for the kids. The library is not just a place to check out books, it's a reading paradise!

November Student ES3 Recipients

Yuliana Gloria

Yuliana Gloria is an amazing Dodd citizen! She exhibits a positive attitude, extends help when others need it and performs her best at all times.

November Student ES3 Recipient

Jace Hall is a thoughtful, caring student! He looks for opportunities to help others and has spent much of his free time helping a fellow classmate understand a new academic concept.

Character Award Recipients - Responsibility

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Counselor's Corner

Hello Bobcat Families-

We have a very important semester ahead of us, and your child will be challenged with new grade level materials. Please encourage your child to complete all homework assignments in order to review the skills that are taught in class. If homework is a battle at your house, please read the following "Guidelines for Helping with Homework" so you can support your child but continue to hold them accountable for this school responsibility.

Mrs. Tracy Reynolds, BDIS Counselor

Guidelines for Helping with Homework So You Don't Work Harder Than Your Child!

Set aside a time each day for family learning.

Set aside at least 30 minutes, devoted to "family brain cell development." During this time, there should be no TV, video games, computer games, etc.

Model your own excitement for learning by reading a book, writing letters, etc.

Your child may learn by doing their homework, reading about something they love, writing stories, etc.

Help only when your child truly wants it.

Some parents make the mistake of forcing help upon their kids. This only creates frustration, anger, and kids who believe they can't learn without their parents' help.

Help only when there's an absence of anger or frustration.

When either you or your child gets frustrated or angry, learning becomes associated with frustration and anger.

Help only when your child can describe what the teacher said.

This ensures that your child continues to believe that it's important to pay attention to teachers.

Unfortunately, some kids learn that it's best to "tune–out" at school and let their parents do all of the teaching at home.

Move away from your child before he/she "gets it."

Some children believe they can only learn something, or "get it," when an adult is in the same room…or is guiding them every inch of the way.

To prevent this dependency, avoid falling into the habit of sitting at the table as your child does their homework, especially when they are on the brink of learning something new.

THE CARDINAL RULE FOR HELPING: Never Work Harder Than Your Child.

People who are really successful implementing this skill purchased From Bad Grades to a Great Life!

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Watch D.O.G.S.

Please use the button below to sign-up for a day(s) to volunteer as a Watch DOG at Blanche Dodd Intermediate. Don't forget to do your background check for this school year as well. You can fill one out online off of the Krum ISD website. This background check will need to be processed before we can set you up a schedule to volunteer. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Anyon Coon (Watch DOGs coordinator) at

We look forward to having you as a Watch DOG on our campus!

Bobcat Expectations

Pride - in our community, our school, and ourselves

Attitude - positive, respectful

Wise Choices - whenever someone is watching and when no one is watching

Safety - healthy, safe choices