Cream Dream Island

the candy palace you'll never want to leave



Our Island has fun filled attractions that many people will enjoy! Especially kids! Your kids will always have the most fun. Everyone wants their kids to be happy! Our kid attractions include, Caramel Apple Park, Candy Cane Forest, Candy Corn Park, and a kid favorite, Sugar Bay! Sugar Bay is an awesome water park waiting for you to slip and slide.


There is many attractions that adults will enjoy. You will enjoy EVERYTHING! It's an all you can eat island! And EVERYBODY loves to EAT! If your feeling fancy and you need a gummy burger, go to the Krusty Krab! You don't need to work up an apatite because that's how good it is!

Sugar Bay is a favorite for all the kids! Get soaked and have fun!- Says multiple pleased tourists

"If you're feeling fancy eat at the Krusty Krab"- Says Top 10 Food Critics of Cream Dream Island.


Where are you going to stay? Well you can stay in the Sugar Sparks Castle where the one and only Candy Crush King! The Sugar Sparks Castle is gigantic! It's big enough for everybody! The cost is only $250 per night! Not including for Vacation purchase.


It's an all you can eat island! Eat anything for free (comes with your vacation purchase)!

"Eat anything, eat everything" there is enough for everybody to share! Let's not forget about the Krusty Krab! When your getting tired of eating too much sweets visit the Krusty Krab and enjoy a scrumptious gummy burger! Get yours now for only $1 ( for a limited time only) and include a drink for only $0.99!

Krusty Krab burgers

Wednesday, Dec. 10th, 10am to Thursday, Dec. 25th, 10pm

10th Candy Avenue

Gummy burgers only $1. Add a drink to your meal for only $0.99. This special is only for a limited time. See employees for more details.

meet and greet

Meet the famous king of Cream Dream Island! Your kids will love him. He is the Candy Crush King! He is a master at Candy Crush! He finished all the levels! Now if you meet him he can beat all the Candy Crush levels for you! Go meet him now through 1/1/15. This offer comes in randomly through the year.