Chris and Sarah

Carly McQuiston

What The Characters Have In Common

Chris and Sarah don't seem like they would have a lot in common, but when you really think about it, they do. They both come from very troubled homes. Chris's dad is a drunk and constantly beats him. Sarah had the same life. Her father would come home at night, looking for a reason to hurt her. They both also don't have mothers. Chris never talked about his, and Sarah's walked out on her. Not only is their family life about the same, they both kind of have the same mind set. They both don't think they are, or could ever be important, but they're both extremely wise.

What Makes Them Different?

They really aren't that different, other than Sarah being a girl, and Chris being a boy. However, Chris didn't have severe scars from his dad's beatings. Sarah's father burned her face really badly when she was young, and has had huge burn scars all her life.

Their Roles And Impact On The Story

Chris's main role in The Body was to be kind of a leader. He was a smart, but bad kid from a bad home. However, he was really good at taking control of situations, and giving honest advice. Sarah is kind of the same way. She is her own leader, and gives people very blunt, honest advice. They are both very wise, so that's probably why the author made them the way they are. They both had a big impact on the story. Sarah was a main character, and there really wouldn't have even been a story without her. Without Chris, a lot of things, especially with Gordie, probably would have never happened.

Why I Picked Them

I thought that Chris and Sarah would be good people to pick to compare because they have quite a bit in common with each other. They both come from broken, troubled homes, and have the same attitude about things. They take care of themselves, because nobody else ever did. I think that if Sarah and Chris were to meet each other, they would get along really well. They're both very laid back, but not afraid to stand up for themselves, and speak their minds. If I knew them, I would look up to, and respect them a lot.

Who Do I Identify With?

I think I probably identify better with Sarah, not only because we're both girls, but because of her personality. We don't take peoples' crap, and when something bad happens in life, we don't let it ruin us. A lot of people use the bad things in life as an excuse, but Sarah uses it more as encouragement to herself to be better. That's exactly how I want to be. She would rather help someone than be helped, and I'm the same way. I wish Sarah was a real person, and I wish that there were more people in the world like her, because our generation might actually have hope if there were.