Mrs. Ayers' Class Newsletter

February 8th


  • Awards Ceremony for 2nd 9 weeks this Thursday morning
  • Field Trip money and permission slips went home last week and are due this Friday.

One of our precious third graders at HVE lost her mother to cancer last week and we are raising money to help with the medical bills this Friday. This Friday, you can help support this family by buying doughnuts in the car line or having your child participate in hat day. All proceed will go to the medical bills. Thank you in advance for showing your love to this family in their time of loss and sadness.

Valentine Celebration Friday

On Friday, after lunch, students will open their Valentines. Bringing Valentines is optional but I ask that if your child brings Valentine's that they include ALL students so that no student's feelings get hurt. If you would like to send candy, snack food etc. please feel free to do so.

I will provide paper for students to make a holder for their Valentine's. They can do this for morning work or they may take it home and decorate it. Students may bring Valentines in as early as Thursday.

Class List for Valentines

  • Taiden
  • Dylan
  • Addison
  • Gabriel
  • Jacob
  • Tanner
  • Zion
  • Grace
  • Nicholas
  • Marley
  • Zachary
  • Giovanni
  • Pressley
  • Garrett
  • Adrian
  • Kalyn
  • Ella Jane
  • Nathan
  • James
  • Lillian
  • Jesse
  • Adan
  • Sareh
  • Ella

Reading Homework Reminders

Just a reminder that students should be working at school and at home to complete his or her weekly Lexia goal if they have not completed Lexia. If a student has completed Lexia then they are expected to complete 4 Moby Max stories and by Friday. They will take the quiz for each story and submit it. Grades for the quizzes will be recorded in the grade book. I will drop 2-3 of their lowest scores.

Math Homework

Each night I will be sending home a worksheet to review some of the skills we have already covered.

What is New in Math?

We will continue to work on fractions this week. Last week students used stackable fractions to find equivalent fractions. This week we are specifically learning to compare and order fractions with different denominators. Today students began making fraction cards which they will use to play fraction games with in the next week.

Please continue to help your child study multiplication facts. Fact knowledge of multiplication facts is crucial in being successful with fractions.

Social Studies

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As part of our Reading Unit, we have been integrating our reading and Social Studies. The students have been learning about the American Revolution. We have been building their background knowledge about the Revolution in preparation for reading the book Woods Runner. We have also spent time reading the book If you lived at the time of the American Revolution.

I will be giving the student a set of study notes so that they can study the facts they need to know about the American Revolution . The test will be next week.


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We will continue to study Branches of Government. Below you will find the link to an awesome website packed full of fun social studies activities. The kids did this in class for one of their lessons and asked if they could access it at home.