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A Newsletter for CHS Tennis Booster Club Members--05.20.19

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PLEASE be sure to COMPLETE ALL THE FORMS for next year as soon as possible (NO LATER THAN JUNE 1, 2019). Links are below. DON"T FORGET VOLUNTEER FORM. Parents the 2019-2020 Tennis Team are expected to volunteer and support CHS Tennis!

For all those new to Coppell Tennis, this newsletter is generally sent each Monday to Booster Club Members. Please contact Monica Cole if you have questions or if you would like the newsletter sent to an alternative email address.

This will be the last newsletter for a while. We will be on hiatus for the summer. However, I may send bulletins with important info on occasion. Have a great summer!!

Please Submit Payment and Complete BOTH the Following Forms

The Player Fee Form (along with payment) and the Volunteer Form are REQUIRED ASAP. These are necessary so that we can order uniforms to be here before the season starts in August and so that we can have a smooth transition with the new year. Please contact Monica Cole (Booster Vice-President) 972-978-7123 know if you have any questions.

Player Fee Form - Due 06.01.2019

Remember to pay your fees before June 1, 2019, so that we can order uniforms.

Volunteer - Due 06.01.2019

Remember that parents are expected to support and volunteer to keep the tennis team running smoothly. Please complete the form so that we can know in what ways you are interested in helping.

Congratulations and Good Luck to Our Graduating Seniors

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Congratulations Again to All Those Who Made the 2019-2020 CHS Tennis Team

Please let us know if you notice any mistakes.

2019-2020 Freshman Team:

Agrawal, Ekansh

Amin, Divya

Anandarajt, Nivi

Bhupathiraju, Varun

Bhutani, Priyanka

Datla, Jay

Gandhi, Aryan

Gunna, Shrayes

Gupta, Rohin

Kasaria, Medhasri

Kishore, Rakshitha

Krishna, Vedanth

Krishnamurthi, Bharat

Lucio, Isabella Marie A.

Marella, Pooja

McKinley, Timothy

Nguyen, Eric

Patel, Anusha

Patel, Khushi

Poluru, Shriya

Thirumella, Srija

Verma, Aayush

Vinayaka, Umang

Xia, Stephanie

2019-2020 JV2 Team:

Bohn, Sophia

Chae, Yesung

Chandramouli, Sanjay

Chen, Ryan

Garza, Rachaney

Gautam, Anjali

Goyal, Naman

Hirpara, Om

Jagtap, Advika

Jammulamadugu, Prinavi

Joseph, Joshua

Keng, Johnathan

Kurva, Nikshita

Mears, Lucas

Morales, Mauricio

Muru, Sanjay

Muru, Sanjeev

Rao, Gautam

Ravikumar, Nithilan

Raya, Sumanyu

Shah, Maya

Shanthakumar, Keerthana

Sim, Ryan

Stephens, Taryn

Uppuloori, Uma

Yalamanchili, Rajiv

2019-2020 JV1 Team:

Ambati, Meghana

Beach, Isabelle

Bellubbi, Siddarth

Bhattacharyya, Sonia

Bhattacharyya, Sumita

Chalasani, Satwik

Dao, Madeleine

Dhandapahni, Ishaan

Durrant, Jasmine

Harwadekar, Pranav

Kalyani, Shubham

Kohli, Devika

Lucas, Reid

Maheshwari, Rohit

Medicherla, Medha

Muragan, Vineeth

Nath, Aryon

Nirban, Aryan

Nishino, Yoichiro

Olvera, Diego

Pappu, Harika

Rakwal, Yashika

Sanchez, Diego

Savova, Nia

Singh, Sanskar

Sisodia, Lomash

Srinivasan, Rohan

Sutton, Tyler

Thotakura, Nitya

Vakkadala, Neha

Yalamanchili, Rohan

2019-2020 Senior Varsity Team:

Bhosale, Yash

Cheedalla, Ananya

Chen, Jun

Cotton, Alex

Dao, Matt

Devikar, Anika

Gong, Rui

Medicherla, Rachana


Thotakura, Soumya

Thotakura, Sravya

Vontivillu, Meena

Won, Sam

2019-2020 Varsity Team:

Abbey, Matthew

Arunachalam, Arjun

Benge, Jackson

Bhatt, Sanya

Bowie, Pierce

Ciskowski, Juliana

Cole, Cason

Diaz, Elias

Eranki, Maruthi

Freeman, Samantha

Gamborino, Jackie

Gregory, Austin

Guru, Neha

Jomon, Neha

Kannan, Aishwarya

Khowala, Ruchika

Koditipalli, Aki

Krishnamurthy, Abirami

Malhotra, Rahul

Mojica, Ben

Nijasure, Atharva

Parasuraman, Lakshana

Parlier, Clark

Patel, Devan

Patel, Vinay

Patton, Lindsay

Reddy, Riya

Sanchez, Sofia

Seetha, Kunal

Sindhi, Rifhat

Stone, Reagan

Thalliparedy, Nandini

Tian, Gabrielle

Uppuluri, Rishita

Venkatraman, Smrithi

Zrnic, Andreja

Topspin with Coach Foster

Thank you to all Boosters and players for the wonderful gifts at the banquet!! My family and I are looking forward to using them!!

I hope everyone has a great summer break with lots of tennis!

Please take care of player fees for next year ASAP. We plan to purchase new uniforms soon, and we are still a long way from having the funds.

Thank you

Rich Foster

Your Serve

THANK YOU TO ALL OUR PARENTS who have graciously volunteered their time to make sure our players have the best possible experience. This includes the entire Booster Club Board and all the parents who have volunteered to help with the website, social media, communication, pictures, tournaments, flower sales, Senior Night, Homecoming, the tennis banquet and countless other things. It truly takes a lot to run this program properly. Thank you so much to those who show up to the booster club meetings, the banquet meetings, and the matches! We have some parents who continually step up to serve and support, and their contribution is very much appreciated.

Boosters are looking for YOUR HELP. Please help us support our teams and help make this tennis program the best that it can be. GET INVOLVED!!

Down the Line (Save the Date)

Saturday, June 1, 2019, ALL Forms and Payment for Next Year DUE

Monday, August 5, 2019 @9am, VARSITY PRACTICE BEGINS for the 2019-2020 Season


Coppell Tennis had a great showing at the Flower Mound UTR last weekend! Matthew, Andreja, and Bryan Nguyen (former CHS team player who now plays for DBU) coaching Mihiro after he split sets with another college player. Matthew won the consolation final over Andreja, and Bryan Nguyen won the main draw final. (Thanks to Mark Abbey for the Info)

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Team Mates

Coach: Rich Foster

President: Kelley Parlier

Vice President: Monica Cole

Co-Secretary: Rajeev Seetha

Co-Secretary: Neeta Seetha

Treasurer: Debbie Crumpler

Newsletter: Monica Cole

Webmaster: Teri Pratt