By. Gary Paulsen


I give this book a rating of 3 out of 5

here is a short summary of the book.

A young boy named Brian’s parents got a divorce. Then he goes to live with his dad. Something happens as he is flying over the forest to his dad’s house. the driver has a heart attack and dies, and so he crashes. He is forced to try to survive in the wilderness.

A scene from Hatchet ( Brain remembers a survival kit from the plane )

Brian is trying to get a survival kit out of the plane just emerged enough from the water that he has a chance. He hacks at the plain with his hatchet putting cuts and tears into the side of the plane. Then he drops his hatchet in the lake. As he swims down to get it. He can't find it. Now as he finds the hatchet he swims down to get it, but his lungs feel a lot of pressure. He pushes on to get it. He succeeds ( As well later on he also gets the survival kit ).
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