Poem police came

By max woodcock

Police came

I was scared,terrified, and I Had cold feet.

North of the town on west middle

I found a rock in the rail,

I was throwing a rock at the building

The police rolled up

All I could hear was the rhythm of his

Sirens I was scared, I was fourteen

I was fourteen

I was scared, The police

Office rolled down his window

My heart was beating so fast

I was scared out of my mind

We started ing talking

He left like nothing happen, I was fourteen

I was fourteen

I have tried not to hang with the

people who did that so the. I don't get I trouble

Again with the cops and my

Mom because she was madder then a hornet

When disturbed, I was fourteen

I was with my friends and

we started to throw rock

And I Should not have

because the police were there,

They pulled up rolled the

Window down

And said

I lie there, fourteen