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Happy New Year!

I hope everyone enjoyed our time off and had time to do something relaxing and something fun. For me, 2016 brings a renewed sense of purpose and meaning. I am always excited to have the opportunity to recommit to goals. Personally, I hope to make exercising a priority, regardless of how busy the day may be. Professionally, I will continue to seek opportunities to learn and grow. I also want to help my students find their passions. What I am learning through conversations the students and I have had these last couple of months is that some are not sure where their passions lie. They cannot tell me what they love or are really interested in learning more about. As I have reflected on this the last two weeks, I have come to realize that the reason could possibly be they have never been given time to reflect on and discover what they are passionate about. Imagine what our lives and world would be like if we were all living and working on our passions.

iDream! or Pursuit of a Passion

This week, the students will launch their inquiry into the topic about which they are most passionate. I am hoping that this will be a topic that might lead to their future career, especially for the 5th and 6th grade students. It is never too early to begin learning about job options.

Most importantly, I want the students to be enthusiastic about their topics. After all, isn't this what being passionate about something means? If we do not enjoy what we are learning about, then the learning isn't meaningful.

To begin the inquiry, the students will be completing a KWHLAQ chart. It will look like the one below.

Big image
The students will use this chart to guide and organize their learning. They will begin with the first three columns. Learning "how" to find this information is more complicated for learners now than it was when we were students. The library will still be utilized, but the students will also search the internet, and we will connect with an expert on the particular topics. I will be guiding the students along the way helping them to use critical thinking to analyze the online information and the experts.

Library Books

Please make sure that your student brings his/her library books on Quest day.

Carla Cheshire

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