office of the president

Darius Crockett

What is the President

  • A President is the head of the government in our country.
  • He has different official titles
  1. Chief Executive
  2. Head of State
  3. Chief of State
  4. Commander in Chief

What is the White House

  • It is where he lives
  • It has 132 rooms
  • the building has a bowling alley, movie theater, and swimming pool inside of it.

President Work

Term in office is 4 years and he can only serve 2 terms
Article II of the U.S. Constitution outlines the office of the President
  • Based on the example set by George Washington, successive presidents did not seek more than a second term until Franklin D. Roosevelt ran for office and was elected four times beginning in 1932.
  • The 22nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that was ratified in 1951 limited the President to only two terms