Social Sustainability.

From a Volunteetr Group perspective.

What is Social Sustainability

Social sustainability is an important part of ensuring that future generations have a well-established and sustainable community, in this case specifically Armidale. A society is considered socially sustainable when it has the following qualities; Equity, Diversity, Social Cohesion, Quality of Life, Democracy and Social Maturity.

Within a community there are a number of different volunteer and charity organisations that allow the community to achieve social sustainability.


Regarding equity there are a number of volunteer organisations that ensure equality between the different levels of society. varios charities offer food, shelter and clothing for the disadvantaged.


There are many elemnts of diversity that are supported by an equally large number of vlunteer organisatios in armidale, the harmony group is a good example of one of these and is instrumental in dealing with the large number of cultures and nationalities that exist in armidale.

Social Cohesion

This element of social sustainability is intertwined with diversity in that social cohesion can only be supported and maintianed when a diverse number of different people groups adn communities can understand and relate to each other.

Quality of Life

There are three main things that one needs to have at least some semblance of quality of life. Theses are food, she;ter and clothing. Quality of life, like Scoial Cohesion is closley related to equity being that every one needs quality of life to have a semblance of equity.


Democracy come when the people that form a society can choose and elect their own form of government. This government can only be representative of the majority of the people in the community and can only make descions that are in favour of tis majority.

Social Maturity

This is the main pillar of social sustainabilty that all the other elements support to create a truly socially sustainable communty. Without this needed maturity none of the other elements can truly exist. Only a socially mature community has the ability to set up the various volunteer organisations and charities that are needed to support these elements.