Out now! Entre Nous 2

coursebook, workbook and DVD all in one

Entre nous 2

The latest addition to this great course.
  • An all-in-one collection : the Student’s Book and Workbook in a single volume + 1 audio CD containing the audio recordings
  • A turnkey series offering a variety of activities accompanied by clear, detailed instructions, making it easy for teachers to implement it and use it effectively in the classroom
  • A cultural, sociological approach throughout the units and in the cultural information section, allowing the learner to better understands the French-speaking world
  • Systematic references to the corresponding pages in the Workbook section
  • Effective preparation for the DELF exam (8 pages at the end of the book): recommendations and explanations to better prepare the exam, training activities to the different types of exercises (with tips), and examples of written exercises on our Espace Virtuel