Sunday School Teachers Newsletter

March 15th & 22nd, 2015

The Last Supper & Holy Week and Easter

A Note From Anna,

This rotation is a little different. I decided to include lessons from The Last Supper for the first week and Lessons from Holy Week and Easter the next week. Since we have Walk with Jesus at the end of this month I thought giving the kids a little bit of a frame of reference for the Easter story would be good. Then we will reinforce those lessons with the Walk with Jesus experience.

Some of you have said you are having trouble filling all of Sunday School time. I am including the games for each lesson and the supplies for you. If you run out of time feel free to play one of the games at the end of class.

Also I have included some teacher tips at the bottom of this page to help with management in the classroom. Hope you enjoy it.

Thank you all for you dedication to teaching the children of GUMC!

Week 1 - March 15th The Last Supper

Week 2 - March 22nd Holy Week & Easter