Mason's Plan for Success!

For highschool and the future...

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Main Idea of Your Future

We have found that you seem unhealthily addicted to video games and this is unhealthy for your school grades and relationships, what's the point of lying to your mom when you could be doing something beneficial for your life? Your relationship with your brother is not strong at all yawns you don't seem to care so, we won't work to fix that. You have friends but you didn't seem too enthusiastic about them so maybe we can work to find better friends that you can rely on. You could build better relationships with your family by planning or suggesting fun outings for the weekends where you can become more involved in your family's life. You don't seem to be doing very well in school and you seem to have an ambition so a great way to solve this would be to get a tutor.

The Heroin Problem in Hopeville

Many people in your town of Hopeville have been introduced to the worst drug in the world, Heroin.