Poaching of Elephants

Emily Morr

savannah boime

savannah boime is partly grassland with few scattered trees and scrubs.and also thronbushs. Animals in the Savannah boime is Aardwolf, elephants wild dogs black mamba, chacma baboon, grants zebra, lions, nigriceps Ants nile crocodile.

Poaching of Elephants

My topic was poaching of the african elephants. How people dont understand that they are killing elephants for one thing which is the ivory, and letting the rest of the elephant go to waste. The are breaking the law. and not only that but there going to make such a large beauitful creation go extinct. So i made a perposale to stop the poaching of elephants because there no longer around.

The affects on my boime and negative impacts

the affects of poaching of elephants on the savannah is that elephants use there tusks and trunks to dig in to the ground to get water, which helps the other animals that cant dig get water. so the longer the poachers kill of the aniamls there also killing off other animals too. The poaching of elephants also affects my boime because elephants also push over trees to help maintain the grassland, well if all the elephants disappear then the savannah grassland with slowly but surely over grow with trees, because elephants are the only big enough anaimal to push over the trees.

My Solution

my solution to stop poaching the savannah elephants is to hire more cops to walk the areas where the elephants rest, to put some cameras around in the area to help catch some of the poachers. Also im going to post more signs and billboards to help make people of more aware of what all the affects of poaching aminals can do. also try and find away to safely place the elephants in large closed in areas so poachers cant get in.