Election of 1800

The truth behind Federialsit

Why should the Federalist not be trusted?

The Federalist Party wants the federal government to have total control of the citizens of the United States. Protect yourself from the federalists' evil schemes. Federalists support aristocratic dictatorship. Federalist are advocates for a national debt, which they want citizens to be responsible for. In all of this oppression Federalist want to restrict citizens freedom of speech and press. These savages crave more control than King George III himself.

Vote Thomas Jefferson

To avoid this tyranny vote for Thomas Jefferson. Anti-Federalist are advocates for individual rights. The Bill of Rights, proposed by Anti-Federalist, protects individuals from the oppression of the central government.

Anti-Federalist Supporters:

John Adams did what?!

  • John Adams defended British troops in the Boston Massacre trial.
  • Adams had a reputation for being reckless and forceful, especially in politics.
  • Adams was unpopular as president and even faced opposition in his own presidential cabinet.
  • Adam's diary entries were laughed at during the Constitutional Congress.

By Brian Geller

September 28, 2015