There was never a genius without a tincture of madness.

Maya Grondin

Aristotle is saying that every genius have been through many things. He is trying to explain that in order to be extremely intelligent; one must go through many things to gain knowledge. The quote means that intelligence and mental illness go hand in hand. This quote is a reflection of Aristotle because he was Plato's best student; and a very smart person. He produced thousands of books and pamphlets, and often said that happiness is the goal of life. This means the Aristotle has had hardship in his life and he learned from it and taught others.
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There were many geniuses in Ancient Greece. This quote ties into them because in order to know the things they did, they probably had to deal with many things that drove them mad. People who explored the mountains of Greece, the seas, the city-states, the vast population, historic pieces of literature- all hold immense knowledge. But with the knowledge they hold, comes the journey that got them there. The people of Ancient Greece who fought in wars and saw their home be overrun, hold a special piece of intelligence that no one else can truly discover; until they see it for themselves. The people of Ancient Greece gained intelligence from their mistakes and hardships.


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