Figure out what it takes to be a nurse!

What Level of Chemistry is Needed to Become a Nurse?

Most nursing jobs only require a high school degree before you move on to college to get an associate's or bachelor's degree. They require that you take the highest level of chemistry there is, since you will be working a lot in the fields of science and medicine.

What Degrees Do You Need? How Long Does it Take to Acquire the Job?

Registered Nurses (RNs) are required to have a minimum of an associate's degree, but bachelor's degrees in nursing (BSN) are also available and can help an RN's chances to earn better pay. You can get your associate's degree from a nursing program or complete a 4-year BSN program. A Master of Science in Nursing is also available (MSN). That would add an additional year or two. Most nurses go to high school and then anywhere between 4-6 years of college.

Median Salary for an RN?


Job Satisfaction of a Nurse?

Most nurses are pretty happy with their jobs, saying they are able to find jobs easily, make decent start up money, and like getting to work with people and help them. However, some of the downfalls of nursing are long hours, bad location, and department politics (doing the tasks that no one else wants.)