Gay Couples Should be Able to Adopt

Why Not?

33% of lesbian couples and 22% of gay male couples have at least one child under the age of 18 living in their house. This shows how the normal statistics are changing and unconventional families are become more socially acceptable.

There are currently 16.2 billion orphans in the world. Rather than provide these children with the opportunity of a loving but socially unconventional family, adoption agencies still want to say its better to leave them lonely and homeless.

Four in 10 children are born outside marriage....Society, though, can't blame gays and lesbians for those problems....Perhaps there can be considerable agreement that society benefits from strong families of all kinds.

Over 1/3 of lesbian households (and more than 1/5 of gay households) already have children.

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True Love is a very hard thing to come by. Its all around us in the media- yet its nowhere in our hearts. We spend our entire lives searching high and low for that one person that makes us feel like royalty- so when we finally get them we just want to build a family. We want to buy a house, cook new things, hang holiday lights and most of all raise kids with that person. In what world would it be okay to take that dream away from anyone because of something as small as sex? Its soo not.