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Young Scientist Challenge

It's not too late to enter our 5th - 8th grade students into the Discovery Education Young Scientist Challenge. Students, grades 5-8, are invited to create a 1-2 minute video describing a new, innovative solution that could solve an everyday problem. Ten finalists will be chosen for their passion for science, spirit of innovation and ingenuity, and effective communication skills.


Graphite is a great resource for teachers. It helps educators find the best Apps, Games, and Websites for the classroom. The content is rated and reviewed by experts.

Content is rated on Engagement, Pedagogy, and Support. Any resource you click on Graphite will provide you the Pros, Cons, and Bottom line review of the resource so that you don't waste your time. Teachers can search by type (Apps, Console/PC games, and Websites), by Subject Area, and by Grade Level.

oh - and it has a common core standards correlation too.

Go create an account for free and explore, share, and save!

Apps, Add-ons, Sites, and Extensions: ELA

Digital Citizenship



  • Over 80% of teens use both cell phones and social media sites

  • 1 in 6 teens are cyberbullied

  • 16.2% of high school students have reported being bullied in the last year

  • Girls are cyberbullied two times as often as boys

  • White students are cyberbullied two times as often as black students

  • 10th grade is typically the worst for cyberbullying

  • Bullying is illegal in every US state except for Montana

  • The state with the highest cyberbullying rate is New Hampshire, where 21.6% of teens report that they’ve been cyberbullied

  • Cyberbullying occurs less than offline bullying (16% vs 20%)

  • Students who are cyberbullied are more likely to commit suicide

  • Only 1 in 10 students who are cyberbullied reach out for help

Tips For Teachers

  • Teach your students that cyberbullying is wrong

  • Listen and respond to all reports of cyberbullying

  • Create a system for reports to be documented

  • Have students work on anti-cyberbullying projects

  • Host speakers on the topic of bullying

  • Ensure that your classroom is a safe place

Great Info-graphic you can print for you schools and the rest of the article here.

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Mail Merge - how to make contacting parents so easy!

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