How Roller Coasters Work

By Taylor Brady

Energy of Roller Coasters

Roller Coasters have Kinetic Energy, Potential Energy, and Mechanical Energy. The potential energy happens when the cart is about to fall. So just when you are about to fall, the coaster has potential energy. The coaster gains kinetic energy when it falls. The whole coaster (besides going up the first hill) is not by chain or machine, it's just gravity pulling it. If the energy did not change than the roller coaster would either stay still or, keep on going for ever.

Wooden and Steel

Wooden roller coasters usually don't go as high or as fast as steel roller coasters. They also don't loop most of the time. However, wooden coasters do sway unlike steel roller. Steel coasters can have more loops and sharp turns because they are more grounded and stable

How to Stop

The brakes on a roller coaster come towards the very end. The chains come back in the track and stops or slows down the coaster then the ride comes to an end