Weekly Izzy

Izzy Huempfner

Haunted House

On a breezy December day, Izzy and her friends were hanging out. Izzy's sister Hannah has a cardboard cut out of the worlds most popular teen star, Justin Bieber. While she was out of the house, Izzy and her friends decided they wanted to take a trip to the cemetary. The cardboard cut out was currently in the two sisters room nowhere you could see from the hallway. When Izzy and the three friends left Izzy made sure to lock the door and double checked. Then they headed off.

At the cemetary they walked around and got their feet stuck like glue in the snow. It was bitter cold that day so they didn't stay long. When they got back to Izzy's house the door was unlocked. They all were a little timid to go inside but they did and found that nobody was home. As they looked down the hallway the Justin Bieber cut out was right in the two sisters bedroom doorway. They couldn't belive their eyes so they ran out of the house and immediately called Izzy's parents. Because of this incident more paranormal things have been happening whenever Izzy goes to the cemetary.

Balloon Battle

On a cold winter February day the 8th grade students at Bay View Middle school played a very challenging game. This game was called Balloon Battle, it was for their middle of the quarter incentive. It made the students sweat, it made them fight for their teams, and it made them really smelly.

This game was played by attactching a string with a balloon tied to it on your ankle. The kids lined up around the perimeter of the west gym eager and ready to go. When the whistle blew they would all run towards the middle and try stepping on their opponents ballons. Once your balloon popped you were supposed to go back and quickly tie another balloon to the string. The students had a great time. They also learned a valuable lesson, teamwork.

Long Distance

Long distance friendships are hard but they really do pay off. A couple years ago Izzy's friend, Amber moved to Wausau, Wisconsin. It isn't very far away but far enough to miss each other and not see each other a lot. They both get lucky enough to be able to meet up with each other a couple times out of the school year and as much as possible during the summer. Over spring break was one of those lucky days!

Tuesday, the 31st of March, only the second day of spring break Izzy got to meet up with her friend Amber. Ambers dad and Izzys mom met half way. Amber and Izzy were both so happy when they saw each other they ran and gave a big hug to each other. Amber and Izzy headed back to Huempfner's house and were already making plans for the week ahead of them!

During the week the two friends went for ice cream, saw a movie, relaxed, walked on the trail, and many more fun things! Of course all good things must come to an end. On Saturday once again they met halfway with her dad and parted ways. Having a long distance friendship is hard. "I'll see you next time!" The two girls said. Then they parted ways.