4.33 Operating Renewal FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

When was this issue passed? August 1991

How much money does this renewal generate for B-C-S? $1,606,088 annually

What happens if the renewal fails?

Since the voters in B-C-S are currently taxed at the 20-mil floor, the taxes paid by residential or agricultural land owners will NOT DECREASE.

Of the $1.6 million dollars paid into the school district from this levy, we will still collect roughly $800,000 from our property tax owners.

So what happens to the other $800,000?

If this issue fails, our effective tax rate will fall by 4.33 mils. Companies paying into the school district through public utility taxes will pay $800,000 less, causing our school district to lose $800,000 per year.

What will this cost me?

This renewal will not add any new taxes to your tax bill. In fact, if you are a residential or agricultural land owner if the levy fails, you will pay the same amount as in the past.