What I Learned During Trade Show

The Trade Show experience of an Insane Keychain partner


During Trade Show, organization was the key to success especially for my company due to the fact that we were manufacturing on the day of Trade Show to customize products. We needed to organize orders from customers to achieve the most possible customer service. I learned to organize my workload by prioritizing different assignments based on deadlines and importance.


Trade Show is very strict in terms of deadlines and meeting due dates. Because of this, I learned to better meet deadlines by prioritizing and planning ahead of time. I divided workload evenly with my company partners on group tasks and successfully handed in all assignments on time. An example of this would be the print ads. If we did not meet the deadline, we would not have the opportunity of having our comic life ads posted.

Talking to customers and sales pitches

On my Trade Show endeavor I learned a skill that is very important and is useful not only in the business world but also in everyday scenarios. I learned to speak with customers using strategies such as starting a conversation, putting your product in their hand and offering deals. My Trade Show backboard played a role in my ability to sell my product because when a customer's attention was caught by the backboard, I would then approach them to begin a conversation and give them my sales pitch.


Over the course of Trade Show, I tracked my finances with spreadsheets to make sure every partner is reimbursed the appropriate amount and everyone is spending an equal amount of money. I successfully met the criteria of the math assignment which was to track all expenses throughout Trade Show and keep all receipts to back up the information. I also made $65 profit from this project and may donate to a charity from the money I make from selling the leftover products.

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