Online Safety

By: Eliza Carlson

Do Not Cyberbully

Cyber bullying is when you bully someone over the internet. It can have real life consequences. Limit your online friends to people you actually know to help prevent cyber bullying. If you witness cyber bullying then you should report it.

What You Post Could Have A Bigger Audience Than You Think

Even if you delete what you post, people can still see it. If you post something online someone and screenshot it and then they can show it to people and get you in trouble even if you delete it.
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Some Information Should Stay Private

Don't give away private information over the internet. There are some risks in socializing and communicating online. Trust your gut if you feel threatened or uncomfortable because of someone or something you found online. Keep your passwords private.
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Be Cautious

Be cautious about opening attachments or clicking on links. Wether its your labtop or phone never leave it in public.
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