It's Tech Tuesday!

Jan. 12, 2016

Welcome to the second edition of Tech Tuesday Brought to you by the LISD Tech Junkies, whose goal is to terrifically tune your teching and teaching!

Knowing your schedule at all times is vital when reading and composing emails. If someone asks you to get coffee later this afternoon, you should know what times you are free. Obviously, you can open up your Google Calendar in another tab and check what events are on the horizon before responding, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could see this information right in Gmail? Now you can!

Without installing any fancy extensions or Add-ons Gmail provides a way for you to bring your Google Calendar right into your Gmail interface. No need to waste any time switching tabs, this feature allows you to check your schedule and even add new events to your calendar without ever leaving Gmail.

Tax Season

Please remember the IRS WILL NOT Email you to get information from you. The IRS has a policy of not emailing citizens to obtain tax information. Do not give out TAX information from someone emailing you pretending to be the IRS.

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EMAIL- Spam, Trash, Labels and Archives

SPAM vs Trash vs Labels vs Archive

So you have an Inbox full of email, What to do?

First thing:

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SPAM vs Trash:

If the email is SPAM, please mark it as SPAM. If the sender is part of the safe email program, our system will actually unsubscribe you from the email. If the subscriber is not, then the email system will "learn" what you consider to be SPAM.

Emails that you do not want to keep, please mark as trash, the system will delete emails that are older than 30 days from trash.

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Archiving email is often misunderstood. Archiving does not delete an email, it simply removes it from your inbox. You can find an archived email by simply using the search field at the top of the email window.

Archiving emails does not delete an email, just removes it from current view.

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Think of Labels as File Folders or Storage Boxes.

When you are viewing an email or have one checked, you can click the above circled Icon to choose Move To. This will apply a label and archive the message into the Label.

You can also just apply a label to the message, this will leave the message in your inbox, but add a label before the subject of the message.

For your New Year Fitness Resolution

7 Minute Workout- If you are pressed for time, but serious about wanting a good workout, then this may be the app for you! You'll be amazed at what you can do in just seven minutes! There are lots of 7 Minute workout apps, some are free, some are not. Find the one that's right for you.

Free Templates for Slides

So you've tried using Google Slides, but you just don't have some of the features you had with PowerPoint? Try SlideCarnival for some free templates that will transform your presentations.