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Delegate Registration for the 2014 NACA West Regional Conference is now open!

Why wait until the last minute? Register now for the 2014 NACA West Regional Conference! Early registration closes on October 23rd, so make sure you take full advantage of the significant savings now.

Don't know if NACA West is for you? Wondering what we do at conference? Feel free to email Megan Forecki at to find out more information or to have any questions answered!

Portland. Home of many famous rockstars!

Definitely fitting that the NACA West Regional Conference is hosted in a city with a melting pot of musical talent. Check out this list of solo musicians and bands who call Portland home.


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You rock. Your organization rocks. Why not get recognized for all that rocking you all do!? Apply now for NACA West awards, and be honored at the Conference Banquet!


Award options:

  • The Outstanding Low Cost Program Award (Given to the best low cost program under $1000)
  • The Outstanding One-Time Event Award (Given to a special event occurring only once)
  • The George Luis Sedano Award for Outstanding Multicultural Program (Given to the school with the best program with a diversity or multicultural theme)
  • The Outstanding Annual Program Award (Given to the best program, special event or other annual event that occurs once during a school year)
  • The Outstanding Series or Continuous Program Award (Given out according to the best series or continuous program that occurs weekly, monthly, or more than once during the school year)
  • The Outstanding 2-year Student Award (Given to a student who demonstrates excellence and exhibits strong organizational skills and leadership ability at a 2-year institution)
  • The Outstanding 4-year Student Award (Given to a student who demonstrates excellence and exhibits strong organizational skills and leadership ability at a 4-year institution)
  • The Joey Edmonds Award for Outstanding Associate Member (Goes to the associate member exhibiting dedication and commitment to NACA and the NACA West Region)
  • The Shelley K. Bannish Award for Outstanding Staff Advisor (Awarded to a staff member exhibiting dedication to student development and student leadership)
  • The Margaret Ann “Peggy” Hoffman Award for Outstanding Regional Volunteer Award (Selected by the RCPC and awarded to a conference committee member that has gone above and beyond in their volunteer position)

NACA West portal!

HAVE YOU CHECKED OUT OUR NEW NACA WEST PORTAL YET?! There are so many great resources and tips on there for all delegations!

What can you do on the portal?

  • Find information on volunteering at conference
  • See what showcases will be happening this year
  • Find tips for new advisors
  • Learn about the new Graphics Competition, and School Swap and Events Expo
  • Find a roommate for the conference

…and so much more!

Visit to see all the great stuff happening and what YOU should know to be the ultimate NACA West Rock Star*!

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(pictured above) You being the ultimate NACA West Rock Star after seeing our NACA West portal!

Roommate finder!

Are you bringing 5, 9, or 13 people to conference, and don't want to pay full room price for one additional person? We got you!

Use our roommate finder google doc to locate other delegates who are also looking for a roommate, and enjoy lower hotel costs! CLICK HERE TO FIND A ROOMMATE!

Graphics Competition!

The 2014 NACA® West Graphics Competition will give you the opportunity to show off all of the great event publicity items you've created in the last year! Submissions will be accepted for the following categories:

Poster/Flyer: Entries using one or more ink colors printed on either white or colored backgrounds can be submitted.

T-shirt: Entries using one or more colors on any color t-shirt.

3D Out-of-the-Box: Items outside the norm, which are used to effectively promote your events in an eye-catching and unique manner.

For more information on submission rules, categories and other guidelines, please visit the NACA West portal HERE!

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