Pink Kangaroo Weekly Update

Week of May, 2, 2016

What we are learning....

Happy Mother's Day from your Pink Kangaroos!

We loved having our mommies and grandmother's to school for donuts and was a special time together! We hope you enjoy the gifts they gave you.

We are so close to the end of the alphabet! This week we learned all about the letter "X." We talked about words that begin and end with the "X" sound - xylophone, x-Ray, fox and box. The children are also learning that that each letter has an upper case and lower case , such as big X, little x.

We borrowed Mrs. Anderson's xylophone and everybody had turns to play. They loved hearing the sounds they created with this musical instrument! The Pink Kangaroos also got to make X-rays of their hands. We are happy to broken bones!!

Books we read this week:

A Xylophone for X-Ray Fish

What Mommies Do Best