Adriatic sea

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Location,size,physical characteristics

Location: The Adriatic Sea is part of the Meditarranean sea positioned between the Eastern coastline of Italy,and countries of the bulkan peninsula,from slovenia,south through croatia montenegro,and on to albania.

Size: Adriatic seas max length is 800km and its max width is 200km and average depth is 252.5m.

Physical Characteristics are on the pictures below.

Human characteristics

Human charicteristics

The Adriatic sea has many islands known to the Greeks and 48 of them are permanently inhabited 117 islands are used to make a city the city has buildings and houses and inhabits people the people use words to communicate with each other.The Adriatic Sea also runs by Italy. And it has great buildings and cities and use words to communicate.

More human characteristics

Italy is close to the Adriatic Sea and has religions a political system economic activities and population disterbution.

Religion: the main religion in Italy is Roman Catholic.

Political system: the politics of Italy is conducted through republic with a multi-party system

Economic activities: Italy has a diversified industrial economy.

Population distribution: Italy inhabits 60,626,442 people.

Natural resources and analysis.

The Adriatic sea has many resources like fish and salt water. There is a connection to the people because they can fish and sail on the sea. So they can get food and keep them healthy. So the people that live on the ilands can get food to make their life better.