causes of teenagers depression

Depression hits teenagers the same way as adults and can have far-reaching implications when young people suffer from emotional difficulties that they aren’t sure how to manage. This article would show us some reasons for teenagers depression.

The first reason for depression within teenagers is the academic stress which will cause teenagers to have low-self esteem. Teens go through enormous amount of pressure to succeed in their academic will cause them to stress over class,grades and test will cause teenagers to become depressed especially if they're expected to excel at all costs or are beginning to struggle with their course load which will cause their self esteem to drop eventually leading to low-self esteem.

For example:when there is a major test coming up for the students,they will stress over the test and their results which will cause their self esteem to drop thus,not having confident in themselves which will lead to them feeling depressed.

therefore academic stress and low-self esteem had cause teenagers to be depressed.

The second reason for depression within teenagers is romantic relationship problems. Teenagers this days will find themselves involved in romantic relationship becomes a much more prominent and influential part of life. When teenagers experience breakups and unrequited affection,they will experience great pain in their hearts which will affect them both physically and mentally which will lead to depression.

For example,during a breakup, teenagers will experience great sadness and have the feeling of suicide and will withdraw from society and will eventually feel more depressed.

therefore,romantic problems is one of the main and biggest reasons for depression within teenagers.

Lastly,having feeling of helplessness because of being physically or emotional neglect is also another factor leading to depression within teenagers. Knowing that teenagers are going to be affected on a personal level by things they have no control over can easily throw them into the downward spiral of depression by being physically and emotionally neglected.

For example,when a teenager is being neglected by his peers,he would develop the sense of helplessness which would cause them to feel depressed and left out.

Therefore being physically or emotionally neglected can cause a feeling of helplessness which will lead to depression.