Compact disk, invented by: James Russel in 1965

In 1965 James Russel invented the compact disk. The compact disk was good to store picture and music. the thin plastic disk was read by a laser in a CD drive. but there's not only one kind of disk. there's CD-ROM, CD-R, and CD-RW. the disk didn't become popular until it was mass manufactured by Philips in 1980.

Artificial heart, invented by: William J. Kolff in 1969

the artificial heart was invented in 1969 by William J. Kolff, William J. Kolff also invented the first artificial kidney-dialysis. the artificial heart was a small device that replaces the right and left ventricle. this device has save thousands of life's.

Space war's, invented by: Steve Russel in 1962

in 1962 a young programmer, named Steve Russel invented the first computer game named space wars. Star wars was about to be the first computer game invented. it took a total of two hundred man hour's to write the first part of the version.
1960 Inventions

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