Playmates and Gaurdians

Babysitters Brianna Cunliffe and Savannah Meek

Anytime, any age, any number!

We are affordable, and convenient. We are red-cross certified, and responsible. We have plenty of experience dealing with children and will keep them actively engaged. (A busy child is a happy child!) We are always respectful of you and your child, and their well-being is our priority. We are 13 years old, and both of us will always be on the job! We are young enough to actually play with your child, and the profit we make is irrelevant. We love children; that is why we do what we do.

Price varies depening on the situation and satisfaction of the customer. You pay us what you think is right!

Contact us at, or by phone!

Brianna:, or 910-431-9205

Savannah: or 910-616-8824