The Affects of Domestic Violence

"The mental and physical abuse of both men and women"

Which is worse Violence or Domestic Violence?

Violence and Domestic Violence is different in some ways violence happens once or twice, Domestic Violence is a daily basis abusive relationship between family members or boyfriend girlfriend relationship, 95% of all victims of Domestic Violence are women, and in most cases are killed y the abuser.

What are the Signs of Domestic Violence?

Some early signs of Domestic Violence is:

  1. If your partner or spouse teases you in hurtful ways and says your to sensitive.
  2. Acts Jealous if you hang around family, friends, or co-workers.
  3. Does your souse threaten to kill you or kill themselves if you leave?

These early signs are helpful in the safety or women and men if the knew these signs earlier they would be able to get out of a abusive relationship.

What Is The Best way To Get Out Of A Domestic Violence Situation?

The best way to get help from family members or professional facilities that help women and men with Domestic Violence cases and get professional help if you have children or mentally damaged as well.

Why Do Victims Tend To Stay?

There are a lot of reasons why some people tend to stay with there violence spouse or partner:

  1. The spouse being abused did not finish school so don't have enough money or any job to support them self.
  2. They believe that there violent spouse would change if they stayed with them or helped try and change.
  3. There Violent spouse threatens to kill or hurt the abused spouse or their children or other family member or even commit suicide.

What can Family and Friends can do to Help?

Telling someone your problems not only helps the person but also give family and friends some information they need to give you the proper help that they need and if the situation is really serious they can get you out of the house or call the police.

Where To Seek Help?

The NNEDV is a organization out to help women and men in a Domestic Violence relationship get back on their feet and leave the person and sometimes hep them take custody of the children so thy\ey don't hurt the children as well.