Mrs. Drudy's L.A. News 09/07/2015

"We exist so children can excel."

What We're Learning in 6th Grade Language Arts

Based on the absolute craziness of last week's schedule, we have decided to stick with this week's story and spelling list for these next four days. I will be giving students another try at the following assignments from last week's (very) difficult spelling list: spelling bubble quiz, pretest, and Friday test. I'm telling you, these words are hard. I've assured them that I, at their age, would have never been able to spell such words as "kaleidoscope" and "fluorescent"! Thank goodness these are challenge words and result in the accumulation of bonus points only.

Notes from the Teacher

I have reminded students that they are required to obtain at least 10 Accelerated Reader (A.R.) points from their independent reading before the end of the nine weeks. This is a score that will go into the gradebook.