Digital Footprint

What mark are you making on the Internet?

Digital Footprint

What is a digital footprint?

Your digital footprint is what mark you leave on the Internet or what other people will see of you on the Internet.

How will it effect my future?

You're digital footprint can have a big impact on you're future before you go to a job interview you're boss will look you're name up on the Internet to see what kind of person you are. So before you even walk in that room or say anything they already have a judgement of you if they want to hire you or not also collages are also tend to this to to see if they want you in. Some people have been given a scholarship to a school until they have made a big mistake online for example holding a friends beer for them and someone takes a picture of you holding it. You could say I didn't drink it doesn't really matter what they saw is you holding a beer so they can't really believe you.


How to use social media repsonsible

Dangers of social media

Some people on the Internet aren't always who they say they are people can lie on the internet. If you come across a profile online and that person want to chat but you don't know them you should probably be careful about the information you give them. For example if they ask for your address you probably shouldn't give it to them or if they want to meet up with you you most likely shouldn't go. If you decide to go you should tell someone you're going like you're parents and it should be in a public place where lots of other people are. Also if you don't know that person you do not go in their car no matter what.
The Dangers Of Social Media (Child Predator Social Experiment)

People tracking you on the Internet

So every morning you wake up go online either check social media or some emails. Sometimes when you're on Facebook some ads pop up of what you were searching earlier for like a new pair of shoes well do you ever wonder how Facebook knows what you search for. Every time you log on the Internet you leave some dots behind that is because they're is a invisible audience watching you're every move online creepy right and they're is no age limit to this your nine year old sister can be watched on the Internet so it just proves you have to be carful what you leave behind when you log off.
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