Come Save Energy!

By: Jiselle Pensado

Why is energy saving important?

Saving energy is important because if we didn't save energy not very good things would happen like if we didn't save energy it could cause global warming.of us use energy whether its to power your car, watch TV or to even cook. When energy is produced from non-renewable fuels, to heat our homes or power our cars pollutants are released into the air contaminating the air we breathe and water too. The more energy we use or miles we drive in our cars, the more energy power plants we need.

Saving Energy at Home!

I think that a great way to save energy in your home is to install energy LED lights and also in the summer because its hot you could install a fan and open the windows and turn of the lights in the day time!

saving energy in your community!

I think that a great way to save energy in your community is to have a rule against driving to the pool because so many people drive to the pool when they can just walk a block or ride their bikes to the pool.

saving energy in your school!

I think a great way to save energy in my school is to have sensored lights in the restrooms and in the classrooms because if the teachers forget to turn off the lights then it will turn off all by its self.