My Spring Break

My Swimming Adventure

It was a beautiful day on a tuesday during spring break . My friend ivory and I were thinking about what to do. As we were just sitting there bored .. and idea came to mind!I got up and yelled exitingly " How about we go swimming " . Ivory wasnt so sure so she said " I dont think any swimming pools are open right now. So we came up with an idea. Maybe we could sneak in a swimming pool! Of course our stupid selves would come up with that . but hey we were bored.. So while we snuck down to the apartments down the street we went to sneak in their pool. All of a sudden we heard someone yell "HEY!" our faces went straight . We ran as fast as we could home , our hearts would not stop pounding until we got there. It was a difficult situation but we still laugh about it everytime its brought up.

Our Trip To A Concert

It was a chillie Saturday night . Me and ivory were getting ready for the drake concert in downtown dallas . We have already had tickets from the last concert but we didnt think they would look at them. As me and Ivory walked to the doors to turn in our tickets , the big sized security guard said 'Hey those are from the last concert you cant go in there!". Ivory and I walked away in shame but knowing me i wasnt fixing to give up on a experirence like this!So as usual , me and her came up with a devious plan to sneak in the drake concert! As we walked towards the door we ducked down under the crowd and tried crawling in the enterence , of course we got caught! So then after wards we tried sneaking in with a family of three. As we finally got in the concert we were so excited! Our hearts were pumping from all the adreniline . As we partied all night at the concert , on the way out the same security guard seen us and stopped us and said how did you get in? We told him the truth and then we went to juvy .. our parents were very mad when they bailed us out but hey it was worth it. i mean we did see drake!!