Soaring in Second Grade

Mrs. Schmidt's Second Grade Class Update

STAAR Testing

STAAR Testing begins this Monday, April 20-23. We will have a closed campus (no visitors). We have an altered specials schedule on these 3 days and will need to be extra quiet in the building. Thanks for your cooperation with this.

I will be giving the STAAR on Wednesday and our class will have a substitute on that day.

LISDOLA Field Trip

This THURSDAY is our field trip to LISDOLA.

Apply *GENEROUSLY: Sunscreen & Bug Spray (with DEET) prior to coming to school. . .we cannot apply at school :)

Wear: Purple ICARE shirt, long pants, close toed shoes, jacket (check weather&layer)

Bring: Sack lunch and water bottles

Chaperones: Jill WIlson & Nicole Pacheco