Ellen DeGeneres

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Early Life

Ellen was born on January 26th 1958. She was born in Metairie LA. Ellen is a LGBT activist after she came out as gay. She brought everyone to life when she was born. She made everyone shine to best version of themselves. Today she is a well known comedian. She today, has her own talk show - Ellen.


She started comedy when she was really young. At first, Ellen had a dream of becoming a Veterinarian. Ellen continued her dreams but decided not to exceed them. She believed she was not "book smart". She started comedy when she was but into stressful situations. She once found herself into a large crowd, she used her sense of humor to get out of it.


Ellen was barely a teenager when her parents, Elliot and Betty DeGeneres, divorced. Ellen used her sense of humor to cheer up through her rough phase. Her mother re-married later on to Roy Gruessendorf. Ellen, her mom, and Roy moved to Atlanta, Texas. Meanwhile her brother Vance, stayed with Elliot.


Ellen was smart. She was one of the Top Ten Smart students in her class. The first high school she attended was Grace King High School. She graduated high school in 1976. She continued striving with her education and went on to college. She attended University of New Orleans.


Ellen was offered many events to attend to. She soon began to perform at coffeehouses, and clubs. At age 23 she performed at a local coffeehouse - Clyde's Comedy Club. She was titled "Funniest Person in America" and became more famous than ever and that was just the beginning of her new life. She was then offered to be in movies, talk shows, and clubs.


Ellen was in many movies and shows. She won many awards for Daytime Emmy and People's Choice Awards. She starred in the movie Finding Nemo as Dory. Not to mention that on 2009, she was also offered to be in American Idol. She was to replace Paula Abdul.


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