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Week of Sept. 19-23, 2016

Quote of the week

When life gives you Monday, dip it in glitter and sparkle all day!

Upcoming Events

This Week:

Monday Sept. 19 B Day

1:00 Dr. Yeager here

Tuesday Sept. 20 C Day

SIT/ Collaboration Team Meeting Day

4:00 Google for the Elem. Classroom Appy Hour

Blazers Running Club

Wednesday Sept. 21 D Day

PLC--all grades

4:00 BLT

Thursday Sept. 22 E Day

9:00-12:00 Trisha at Elementary Principals Meeting

Friday Sept. 23 A Day

Spirit Day: Go Royals!

9:00 3rd, 4th, and 5th STUCO assembly in cafeteria

3:00-3:30 School T.R.I.B.E.S. / Families Meet (information will be shared at staff meeting)

Next Week:

Monday Sept. 26 B Day

1/2 day Sub AM- 1st Grade/ PM 2nd Grade

6:00 Jared Coones Volunteer Dinner

Tuesday Sept. 27 C Day

SIT/ Collaboration Team Meetings

6:00 Building Site Council at Olathe East

7:00 District Site Council at Olathe East

6:00-8:00 Skate City

Wednesday Sept. 28 D Day

2nd Grade QRI testing

PLC- all grades

10:00-11:30 Trisha out of building

Thursday Sept. 29 E Day

1/2 Day PM Sub Day 4th Grade

Tailgating Staff and Volunteer Lunch (sign up genius is coming)

Friday Sept. 30 No Students

Staff Professional Day

Tailgating Staff and Volunteer Lunch--Day 2

Saturday Oct. 1 Jared Coones Pumpkin Run here at BB

Classified Staff Advisory Council

Classified Staff Advisory Council (CSAC): will reconvene during the 2016-17 school year. CSAC is now accepting applications from classified staff members looking to become part of a great team! CSAC is a channel for classified staff to contribute ideas and suggestions for improvement of district operations, classified employee policies and more. It is also an opportunity to learn more about key district news and initiatives. Look for an e-mail with information on how you can apply to be part of this team to come your way sometime soon!

Taking another look at Alphaboxes

One of my favorite strategies to assess prior knowledge is through the use of Alphabet Brainstorming. Give each student a sheet with the topic listed at the top. Let them work on their own to see what words they know about a given topic. They turn those in and you can see quickly what they know. You could give it to them at the end and show how much more they learned.

Another way you can use alpha boxes at the end of a lesson, reading, or video. Have students write down words or phrases in the boxes while they are reading or watching the video. Then have them go meet up with at least 3 other people to get an idea (word) to put on an empty spot and to give an idea. This is a Kagan Strategy called Give One/ Get One.

Computer Updates

A final version update will be applied on Monday, September 19th at 3:30 pm, to remaining computers not yet on Internet Explorer 11. IE11 is necessary for proper operations in Synergy. If you know your computer has not been updated to IE11, please leave your computer on at the end of the day and the district will automatically shut it down after the up-date has been applied. You will need to be out of all applications so no work is lost when the computer reboots to accept the changes. **To check IE version: Click on Help on the IE Toolbar, then select About Internet Explorer. Those already on IE11, which is the majority of the district, will not be affected by this update.
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Love this poster to help our kids understand the process of learning and growing!

How is your Safe Place coming along?

Remember the purpose of the safe place is that a student can use the techniques that you are teaching them like breathing and calming down to regulate themselves and come back to be ready to learn. Kids don't naturally know how to do this. We must model this for them.

"Emotions are contagious. Science has now proven that we already knew to be true: Grumpy people can download grumpiness to others, and peaceful folks can do the same. Mirror neurons in our brain play a key role in this process. Mirror neurons are a special class of brain cells that fire when a person performs an action and when they observe another person. Motor networks practice what we see being done. This is why "Do what I say, not what I do" is neurologically impossible. Our emotional networks mirror what we see others feeling and doing. Once we see an emotion on another person's face, we will begin to feel the way they are feeling. We will either catch our children's upset or they will catch our calmness. " Conscious Discipline, Dr. Becky Bailey.

You might need to revisit this as a classroom using these simple sayings and icons:

"Safe Place to Get Calm"

1. Find the comfy seat.

2. Choose a calm down tool (breathing, book, stuffed animal, crayons,)

3. Set the timer.

4. Back to work!

Jared Coones Pumpkin Run Volunteer Time!

4th and 5th grade students will have the opportunity to volunteer next week by stuffing packets and folding t-shirts. I will let you know the exact date we will need the students.

The location of the packets will be in the 4/5th wet area/pod like last year. The location of the t-shirts will be in the flex lab. Please utilize the computer lab that week, since the flex lab will be used. Thank you so much for being flexible and welcoming them into our school. I was overwhelmed last year by the love and support they have for Black Bob. Such a special week it will be!


Remember our PLC agenda format that was given at staff meeting. It is located on the t:drive/PLC. You can do a paper copy and give it to me, if that is easier.

Long Range Planning. How is it coming?

Have a great week!