Civil War Music

By Haley Daubach

Welcome to Music of the Civil War!

Music was major in the war and wasn't something very simple. You will see what I'm talking about and trying to explain in a moment as you read the next few paragraphs. Next to this text you see a picture of a Treble and Bass clef. These are both contributions of music in general.

From camps to homes

Music was served as an emotional guide for slaves, soldiers and many families of the soldiers who were away and fighting. The soldiers thought of it as a way of life, their commanders believing it saved the war, wives and families having hope for their husbands and fathers to make it home safely and finally, slaves singing freedom songs.

My opinion of the Civil War Music

Thought of as a celestial creature, the army, and the being that saved the battle, the music played a very important role in the Civil War. Used to give signals which were code for commands, entertain the soldiers, lift their morale, give courage, vent feelings in a way words couldn't describe, and set the mood, most believe the Music was the most important part of the Civil War. Unarmed, inspiring, sometimes hidden, very popular, outstanding poetry and musical setting are all good qualities of the beautiful talent during war. It was so popular, Lincoln even asked a Northern band to play a song known as "Dixie" on one of his last days on Earth. Soldiers on both sides marched to its tunes, sang in song as the bands played, followed commands through music making it an essential necessity for them. Thought of Being worth a thousand men, declared by one of General Joseph Hooker's men, it was obviously very popular and extremely necessary for the war to go on to the tune of brass and precessional instruments. Survivors of Pickett's charge at Gettysburg remember bands in trees and out of most fire from the opposing side. Striking hearts and even angering a Union General, helping men get through the tragedy of warfare, I agree with all of the positive comments referring to Music In The Civil War. Whether on the field with thousands of men or at camp, it inspired and guided lots of soldiers, giving words that were appropriate and expressing sentiments that were needed, music was a very compelling and fascinating portion of the war. Its swaying of moods, alignment of war action, leadership and ability to be considered the sinew of war, made it an honor to research the topic. Music was with everyone through the idiotic matters of war, supporting my claim of it being the most important and best part of the Civil War additional to it being the real MVP

Its popularity

A measure of the song's success can be seen in the flurry of imitations that appeared soon after its publication. Getting to the point of what I'm trying to say, in one case, once the sheet music was released for a song, thousands of copies were in high demand. Both, North and South sang and played during the war, on the field and at camp. At home, clinging to any big hope they could find in the luxury of Music.

Three bands of the Civil War