Mrs. Mayer's Monday Morning Memo

May 2, 2016

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!!


Thank you, for all you do each day for our kids.

NHS will be hosting the Teacher Appreciation Breakfast, tomorrow morning. Hugo's will also be bringing in treats on Wednesday. I am sure you will find other treats throughout the week.

Have a fantastic week.

Food Shelf Winners!

Congratulations to Mrs. Scheidecker's 2nd graders. They were served donuts and juice last week, to celebrate.
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** Reminder, NJPA will be here to conduct the Learning Survey, tomorrow. Please see the schedule that was sent via Google Docs.

* Grades 3-5, Spring Concert will be May 9th. The rehearsals will take place on May 9th as well. This will take up the Big Gym in the morning.


Alicia will be here May 5-6 to set up Electricity Stations for you to go through. K-3 will take part in this on Friday, the 6th. The schedule was sent out via Google Docs.

** Paras: If you have not turned in your yellow survey sheet, please do so, as soon as possible. Thank you.

** Julia will be sending out final library notices, the end of the week. As kids return books, please have them take them directly to the library. Julia will send out notices to parents around the 17th, in the mail, for those not returned.

** Order Update: Today is the due date for the "need" orders, for next year. Thank you for your timeliness. :0)

M is for Magic

This is totally fitting, for Teacher Appreciation Week!!

This week is brought to you by the letter M:

The magic isn't in that latest program or curriculum guide. You won't find it in the standards. It certainly isn't in that next new, bureaucrat-designed initiative.

The magic is in YOU. Often it isn't so much what you do, but rather how you do it. YOU ARE MAGIC!!

Burgess, Dave, Shelley Burgess, and Genesis M. Kohler. P Is for Pirate: Inspirational ABC's for Educators. San Diego: Dave Burgess Consulting, 2014.

Happy Birthday- May/August

May 20- Janet

May 21- Michelle N.

August 3- Maggie

August 11- Ian

August 14- Kristina S.

August 16- Elise

August 22- Michelle K.

August 25- Mary Jo

Mayer's week, in a nut shell:

I will be out of the office, Friday afternoon for a meeting in Perham. Otherwise, I look forward to being out and about as much as I can this week. Have a great week.