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Increase energy and improve mental clarity for better performance throughout the day with this effervescent energy drink.

Liftoff is an exclusive blend of L-taurine, guarana, caffeine, panax ginseng, and ginkgo biloba clinically proven to enhance mental performance and boost energy. Convenient, pocket-sized tablet provides a mind-body boost anytime, anywhere!

Ideal for Gen H, moms on-the-run, weight-loss customers and older adults who need a mental boost.


Just drop tablet in 8 fl. oz. of cool water and let dissolve. Enjoy 1-2 servings per day.

Key Benefits:

*0 Sugar, 10 Calories, 4 Carbs

*Stay Alert and focused

*Improve short-term memory

*Individually packaged tablets for on-the-go lifestyle






About Your Wellness Coach

My name is Nicole and I am ready to help you get started on your health and wellness goals today! Whether you are trying to lose, maintain, or gain weight I am here to help you get started and STAY on track! As a Wellness Practitioner and Certified Personal Trainer my goals are to help anyone and everyone get healthy and happy....and to work Smarter not Harder!

As a devoted user of the Herbalife product I have lost 30lbs in the past 18 weeks! Not only did I lose 30lbs but I lost 8% body fat and went from a size 18 to a size 12 which I'm still losing and my size 12 pants are becoming way too loose. My energy level has increased 100%! I'm feeling great and energized....when you start feeling great and looking great you start PERFORMING GREAT!

I want to help you reach and maintain your weight loss and fitness goals in a healthy way. To learn more about Herbalife products or to get guidance on how to reach your wellness goals, schedule a FREE wellness evaluation ($75 Value) and discuss a plan that is going to be RIGHT FOR YOU!


Make an appointment with me to try FREE product!

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