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Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year

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Weekly Newsletter

  • This newsletter will serve as my main form of communicating to students, caregivers and our community.
  • Newsletters will be published between Friday evening and Sunday evening each week.

Locust Trace Drive-Thru Resource Pick-Up

August 24

  • 5 pm to 7 pm

Pick up schedules, other materials and yearbooks

***Chromebooks distributed from your home high schools and program schools

More details to come in next Friday's newsletter

Student Resources for NTI 2DL Technology


All courses at Locust Trace use Canvas as the online learning platform. The resources below will help you familiarize yourself with Canvas if you haven’t already used it.

How do I login to Canvas?

Canvas Guide for Students (instructions for logging in and getting started)

Student Login for Canvas (quick link)

How do I generate a pairing code for the Canvas Parent App?

Generating the pairing code tutorial

Are you new to Canvas? Watch this!

Canvas Overview for Students

To ensure a smooth start to the school year, we highly encourage you to practice the following before the first day of school.

● Login to your FCPS account.

Accessing your school email (video)

Login for student email (quick link)

● Practice logging in to Canvas with your FCPS credentials (Canvas quick link)

If issues arise, call the FCPS Technology Helpdesk for Students.

Technology Help

As we start the new year with online courses, you may experience a technology glitch here or there. We never want these to interfere with your class work. If technology problems arise, students should call the FCPS Student and Family Technology Help Desk at 381-4410.

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Locust Trace Grading 2020-2021

Full grading document is attached at the end of the newsletter


Grade Categories

Category Weight

  • Employability 15%
  • Summative 60%
  • Benchmark Progression 15%
  • Final Assessment 10%

Category Description

  • Employability (measured daily using 25 Agriculture Education standards), 15%
  • Summative (measure of standards mastery), 60%
  • Benchmark progression (measure of guideline progress toward standards mastery), 15%
  • Final assessment (measure of cumulative mastery learning), 10%


Based on the input from our business/industry partners, Employability Standards from the Agriculture Education Program of Studies were selected for measure on a daily basis using the eOS system. Any LTAC staff member may deduct points for any standard, however once a point is lost, it is lost for the day. If student repeats inappropriate behavior in the same day, no more points deducted for that day for respective standard and student will receive immediate feedback and coaching. Teachers will record a weekly employability grade in Infinite Campus (IC). Virtual Employability Guidelines Coming Soon

Scale and Descriptors for Employability Standards

  • See chart below

Employability Standards for Measure (In-Person), Virtual Adaptations Coming Soon:

Positive Work Ethic

  • EA2 Demonstrate consistent and punctual attendance
  • EA3 Demonstrate initiative in assuming tasks
  • EA4 Exhibit dependability in the workplace
  • EA5 Take and provide direction in the workplace
  • EA6 Accept responsibility for personal decisions and actions


  • EB1 Abide by workplace policies and procedures
  • EB2 Demonstrate honesty and reliability
  • EB3 Demonstrate ethical characteristics and behaviors


  • EC1 Demonstrate appropriate dress and hygiene in the workplace
  • EC2 Use language and manners suitable for the workplace
  • EC3 Demonstrate polite and respectful behavior toward others
  • EC4 Demonstrate personal accountability in the workplace

Time, Task and Resource Management

  • ED1 Plan and follow a work schedule
  • ED2 Work with minimal supervision
  • ED4 Demonstrate ability to stay on task to produce high quality deliverables on time

Diversity Awareness

  • EE2 Work well with all customers and co-workers (LTAC setting: peers, visitors, staff, customers)


  • EF2 & EF 3 Contribute to the success of the team by demonstrating effective team skills (e.g., setting goals, listening, following directions, questioning, dividing work)

Creativity and Resourcefulness

  • EG1 Contribute new ideas
  • EG2 Stimulate ideas by posing questions
  • EG3 Value varying ideas and opinions
  • EG4 Locate and verify information

Conflict Resolution

  • EH2 Implement conflict resolution strategies and problem-solving skills

Lifelong Learning

  • Accept and provide constructive criticism

Health and Safety

  • EN1 Assume responsibility of self and others
  • EN2 Follow safety guidelines in the workplace


The summative grade will measure the level of mastery for each standard. Students’ summative grades will include a minimum of a defined number of standard assessments (to be determined upon completion of all units of study for each class) per four-week reporting period. Students will choose the method of assessment, where applicable. Examples of assessment methods are in the example unit found at the end of the proposal (currently in the process of finalization). Students have the option to re-assess within 10 school days from the initial assessment date. Before re-assessing, students must participate in material review and supplemental instruction. Students may re-assess if they are not satisfied with their level of mastery and/or the instructor feels re-assessment is beneficial.

Scale and Descriptors for Academic and Occupation Standards

  • See chart below

*Dual credit courses taught in partnership with a post-secondary educational institution will follow the grading policies and procedures outlined by each respective College or University, in accordance with contractual agreements

Benchmark Progression

Each week, under the guidance of a career advisor, students will reflect on their progression of learning for that week and establish learning goals for the upcoming week. Students will be evaluated on their ability to reflect on and take ownership in their learning, establish realistic SMART learning goals utilizing feedback from advisors and peers, follow guidelines and timelines to ensure appropriate curriculum pacing, use the Plan, Do, Study, Act, Evaluate process to self-monitor learning and practice skills before performing for assessment. Benchmark progressions ensure students “stay on track” to complete the units of study for each course.

Final Assessment

Students will develop a project that highlights the learning they have mastered in each course for the semester. Students, under the guidance of an advisor, will choose the type of assessment they prefer.

Grade Equivalents

  • See chart below

*The letter grade a student receives at Locust Trace will remain the same letter grade at the home high school or program school. The counselor at Locust Trace will work with the counselors at all of our sending schools to develop a grade equivalency chart for each sending school.

Progress Reporting

  • Every 4 weeks
  • Progress reports will be shared electronically and/or printed copies mailed home (parents/care providers will specify preferred method)
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LTAC Virtual Schedule for NTI 2DL

File is attached at end of newsletter



Items in bold are real-time learning and students are expected to join unless other arrangements have been made with instructor


AM Session
8:00 am to 9:00 am Planning
9:00 am to 10:00 am Class A1 (synchronous)
10:00 am to 10:05 am Break
10:05 am to 11:05 am Class A2 (synchronous)
Mid-Day Break (staff)
11:05 to 11:35 am Lunch (staff)

11:35 am to 12:30 pm Department/staff meetings; PLCs

PM Session
12:30 pm to 1:30 pm Class A3 (synchronous)
1:30 pm to 1:35 pm BREAK
1:35 pm to 2:35 pm Class A4 (synchronous)

2:35 pm to 3:30 pm Teachers available for individual student support


AM Session
8:00 am to 9:00 am Planning
9:00 am to 10:00 am Class B1 (synchronous)
10:00 am to 10:05 am Break
10:05 am to 11:05 am Class B2 (synchronous)
Mid-Day Break (staff)
11:05 to 11:35 am Lunch (staff)

11:35 am to 12:30 pm Department/staff meetings; PLCs

PM Session
12:30 pm to 1:30 pm Class B3 (synchronous)
1:30 pm to 1:35 pm BREAK
1:35 pm to 2:35 pm Class B4 (synchronous)

2:35 pm to 3:30 pm Teachers available for individual student support


AM Session
8:00 am to 9:00 am Planning
9:00 am to 10:00 am Teachers available for individual student support
10:00 am to 10:05 am Break
10:05 am to 11:05 am Student advising and goal setting (synchronous)
Mid-Day Break (staff)
11:05 to 11:35 am Lunch (staff)

11:35 am to 12:30 pm Department/staff meetings; PLCs

PM Session
12:30 pm to 1:30 pm Teachers available for individual student support
1:30 pm to 1:35 pm BREAK
1:35 pm to 2:35 pm Student advising and goal setting (synchronous)
2:35 pm to 3:30 pm Teachers available for individual student


***subject to change based on sending school needs/schedules
***adaptations can be made on an individual student basis

Calendar of Events

Disclaimer: For each school's OFFICIAL information, please refer to the school's website and/or email communications. Information below is as of 8/16/20. Please know that information could change. Visit the school's website and/or contact the individual school for the most up-to-date information!

August 17 through 20

  • STEAM Academy Chromebook Pick up and/or Replacement (for more information, see below)

August 19

  • Tates Creek High School Freshman Camp Commodore, 4 pm to 7 pm

August 19 and 20

  • Henry Clay High School Resource Pick Up, 9 am to 12 pm, 1 pm to 4 pm

August 20

  • Carter G Woodson Academy High School Orientation
  1. 9th grade, 6:00 pm to 6:45 pm
  2. 10th and 11th grades, 7:00 pm to 7:30 pm
  3. 12th grade, 7:45 pm to 8:30 pm

August 20 and 21

  • Paul Laurence Dunbar High School Class of 2024 orientation (see below for more detailed information)

August 21-24

  • Frederick Douglass High School (see below for more detailed information)

August 24

  • Locust Trace Drive thru orientation, Locust Trace, 5 pm to 7 pm
  • Station U (Bryan Station High School) Orientation Drive Thru, 8 am to 6 pm

August 26

  • First day of classes, home high school/program school schedule takes priority

Want information about your high school/program school?

Click the desired link(s) below.
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PLDHS class of 2024 orientation

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STEAM Academy:

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TCHS Leadership Team's Welcome Back

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